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“morgan is a gifted massage therapist with a magical touch. She has a unique ability to respond to the body’s exact needs; providing a healing and extremely relaxing massage every time.” – RN

“those who after therapy reveal no inhibitions in their facial and bodily expressions excude youthfulness” – B.W.

Professional yet caring, Morgan is an excellent therapeutic masseuse.
She is skilled and knowledgeable, but her strongest talents are her
sympathy and her ability to listen. I highly recommend her!

– B.R.

“As part of our corporate program, I have been seeing Morgan for a chair
massage once a week for about the last 8 months. In addition to enjoying
reduced repetitive-motion tension, my overall mind and body stress level
has been reduced.” -R.N.

Morgan Filler is a true professional and has made a huge contribution to helping me feel better. I have been suffering from sciatic pain in my left leg for seven years. Morgan is skilled at figuring out exactly how to manipulate my muscles and bring me relief.

Morgan is empathetic and a good listener and because she is a caring person I leave her feeling better both physically and emotionally. I am very pleased that I have been able to refer Morgan to friends that have really benefited from her expertise.

Tim Wright
Vice President
Gallagher & Lindsey, Inc Realtors

Morgan has been my Massage Therapist for some time now. She is one of the most capable and caring therapists I have ever worked with over the years. Under her talented hands my well-being has improved immeasurably. She keeps me balanced each month by applying a baseline of very consistent technique but is always sensitive to what is going on with me at any given time. She works with me and my other healthcare providers to keep me moving and always does it with a positive attitude. She is very open to new ideas and techniques and is adept at applying them without so abrupt a change as to unbalance good work already accomplished. She allows as little or as much interaction that I feel comfortable with on a given day. Morgan is a gifted therapist and an individual of the highest caliber with immense compassion for her clients. I choose her as my massage therapist because she is well-trained, experienced, talented and extremely dedicated – this is what keeps me coming back to her each time. We journey together in keeping me well. – B.B.

Being a triathlete, I really value the importance of regular massages.
Having visited several massage therapists in the area, I have settled

with Morgan. She listens carefully and bases her work on what I have identified as potential problem areas. After only a few visits, she knew what firmness of touch I needed, and instinctively worked on areas that needed it the most, ie: swimming and running muscle groups. I highly recommend her, whether you are an elite athlete, or a weekend warrior.
Xavier Vanvlasselaer
2004 Team USA Triathlon member

I wanted someone who was a therapeutic massage therapist. Someone who understood how to apply exactly the right amount of pressure. Someone who was interested in helping me heal and not just getting me to relax. Morgan was aware of exactly what would help my rheumatoid arthritis and to ease the strain on my lower back. She gave me many stretching tips and was always
Over the course of the past two years, she has helped me heal. Her
Touch is firm yet caring. Her tone is relaxed yet engaged. Her energy is always positive! I always look forward to my visits with Morgan!- F.M.

With my hectic schedule and commute, seeing you every other week keeps me going and focused on de-stressing and relaxation. – D,U.

Morgan Filler is a wonderful massage therapist with amazing warmth, compassion and excellent technique. I enjoy working with her because she has a wonderful presence and helps me get more aligned with my body in the most optimum way. She also has a great intuitive sense of working on the body which allows me to relax the minute I lay on the massage table. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after my treatments with Morgan. – YOSH

Therapeutic Massage for a SWIMMER from a SWIMMER 
by Lianne Voelm

If sitting around in a white terri-cloth robe, sipping lemon water and having a very oily massage for $190 at the Claremont Spa isn’t exactly your scene, then you should go have a massage with Morgan Filler.   Her massage room is small, warm and peaceful with round  white paper lanterns strung back and forth across the ceiling, very quiet relaxing music playing in the background.  The ambiance is so tranquil and unobtrusive, that I have to admit actually dozing off on more than one occasion.  I emerge from that room totally restored, somehow more comfortable in my body and with an unshakable feeling of having just returned from a relaxing vacation.

Her ability to find sore, tight muscles and work them lose is amazing.  In addition, she has the uncanny ability of returning to those specific places during the next visit, making the massage very personalized.  She uses a perfect level of pressure and is responsive to input.   The experience is one of having an athlete, specifically a swimmer, massage away tightness and soreness in muscle groups that are used in swimming.  She managed to eliminate shoulder pain that I’ve been tolerating for months.  I’ve even swam up in the 1:15 lane a few times recently.  Coincidence? I think not! 

Her rates are a steal and her massage is uniquely rejuvenating . Treat yourself!!!