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A style of gentle, smooth strokes and some joint movement. Very soothing and relaxing, calming and graceful.

Deep Tissue

Focused on gradual deep pressure around tense and contracted areas. I want to release chronic patterns. I smooth and stretch out tightness to loosen joints and increase range of motion, so you can move fluidly and painlessly.

Myofascial Release

Stretching the fascia (a thin top layer of a muscle) with slow, long strokes. Great for post-surgery or extremely sensitive areas.


Helps insomnia, headaches, TMJ Syndrome and anxiety.  A technique of holds and gradual movement of the fluids that surround your cranial and sacral bones and spinal cord.  It is very relaxing and gentle.

Sports Massage

Focusing on a particular activity or sport that affects the body with stress or pain. I integrate the points of pain with the rest of the body, which may also have been affected by the shock.

Massage for the Elderly, Ill and End of Life

A gentle touch of comfort and compassion. This may relieve loneliness, nervousness, nausea or depression.

Hot Stone

Warm basalt river rocks are individually placed on your body. I apply pressure with warm stones of various sizes that melt tightness and absorb worries. With the rhythm of your breathe and the removal of the rocks, you will feel uplifted and rejuvenated.

Post- Surgery

To aid in circulation and soreness from limited movement, from being bed-ridden for days or weeks or from other health-related stress. I allow you to get back in touch with your body, soothing you with nurturing and gentleness.