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San Francisco Open Water Swim Coach

"Working with Morgan for the nine months leading up to my Catalina attempt was an incredible opportunity. She drew on both her own experience and her understanding of my capability to structure a training plan that got me across. She was there not only for the weekly check-ins following my distance swim, but also at those critical moments when I hit unanticipated obstacles (injury). And at hour 9 or so, when the going really got tough, she got in and stroked along side me. Which is where she belongs. One of my favorite moments, I was really starting to despair at the lack of progress. – looked over at Morgan and told her we weren’t getting anywhere.  She just kind of chuckled and said "yeah it seems like that when you are out here, doesn’t it”. T.J.

“Morgan is simply amazing. Think Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer and you’ll have an idea of what I mean.“
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In a three-part series, 42 year old Kathleen Burke details her experience training for her first triathalon with Morgan by her side as her open water coach. See excerpts and links to the series below.

“For every concern I raise, Morgan has a response that reflects years of doing a sport she loves. When I ask about sea life, Morgan says she volunteers at The Marine Mammal Center and invites me to join her there one day to get comfortable with seals and sea lions. ‘They won’t bite you,’ she reassures me. ‘They just like to bump into you sometimes.” (From Part 1 of series) Part 1 – Swim Outside the Lines

“Morgan tells me about her race starts. ‘The adrenaline helps me push through the chaos,’ she explains. ‘The trick is to then focus on your breathing, find your stroke and settle down.’ I’m definitely going to remember those words before my race in August.” (from Part 2 of series) Part 2 – Follow My Bubbles

“I felt so comfortable in the water and juxtaposed this experience with the first time I swam with Morgan. It’s pretty amazing that just a few swim sessions with her had so completely transformed my confidence in the open water. I was definitely ready to tackle my first triathlon.” (from Part 3 of series) Part 3 – The Intangibles of Triathlon Training

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