Swim Coach Morgan Filler

Morgan is a USA swim coach, Level 2 American Swimming Coaches Association and masseuse. Her niche is open water coaching, swimming and sports massage. During the summers, Morgan offers coached open water swim practices at the Berkeley Marina to train and prepare youth and adults for races and swims.

In her past, she has coached at the Piedmont Swim Team, Berkeley High School and Strawberry Canyon Aquatic Masters Team. She most recently worked with beginner and intermediate swimmers at Pixar and at the Berkeley Tennis Club. Classes are Learn-to-Swim to Competitive Programs.

Morgan can be spotted jumping off various bay water spots at sunrise and sunsets and surfing small waves along the coastline.

In July 2010, at midnight, she jumped off the north part of Catalina Island and swam 10 hours to cross the 21 mile San Pedro Channel. The entire time, her husband, Tom, kayak-piloted. After sunrise, she came to about 50 dolphins and within 1 hour of the rocky beach finish, she swam incredibly close to 2 whales.

When it comes to battling the natural elements Morgan is unstoppable. During Morgan’s International Marathon Swimming World Cup Series and Olympic training years, her determination situated her as 3rd world ranked. She competed in Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia and Egypt. This circuit of races was in lakes, rivers and oceans and ranged from 10 km to 88 km. Morgan won a 25 km World Cup race in Japan and a 28.2mile swim around Manhattan Island, NY. Her exploits were recognized by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Morgan Filler Marathon Swimmer and Coach

  • First American Woman in World Cup Series Rankings, 1999-2001
  • Ranked third in the world for FINA World Cup Series, 2001Completed every started race in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Europe
  • Featured on the Discovery Channel
  • Swam with German National team from Denmark to Germany, 2001
  • 1st place finish in swim around Manhattan Island, NYC
  • US National Team, Open Water
  • International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Certificate of Merit
  • Featured in Discovery Channel series and featured in ABC TV Science “Battle Between The Sexes”
  • Featured in Sports Illustrated for Women, “For the Record”
  • Speaker in REI athlete profile series

Morgan Filler Discovery Channel Special

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