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IMG_2632The building says, “Welcome Home.”


It has been a long, long time since my last longish open water swim. A mother’s day swim for a mother of 2 to be re-introduced to mother ocean. A new relationship is beginning based upon getting older, becoming a parent and finding a new perspective of why I can’t ignore the desire to swim and swim out there.

11 miles with a 3.9 flood tide, I begin. The group consisted of 7 other locos natadores. We went for the middle of the Golden Gate bridge to catch the fast current.  The water depth is more than 300 ft. I felt a floating and sinking sensation, down, down, down into the deep. I would disappear quickly in the water where I could barely see my hand freestyle stroking. I felt the pull and my connection to the pull of the earth and the flow of the water, which could whisk me away in a blink of a thought. Instead of following my visualizations, I focused on my core strength, power in arms and seeing the sky and chop on the surface. Bring myself back up. A flash of my kids kept me higher. Their smiles, their constant needs and attention and negotiations.

And then I get into the space of peace. Ahhh. Who knew long distance swimming in 54 degree water was easier than their day to day life?

3.5hours later I make it to the Bay View Yacht Club. A hot tody was poured for me. I have entered a new relationship with endurance swimming and it is filled with a more gentle strength and power.





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