Diana Nyad completes 53 hours of swimming from Cuba to Florida


It is incredible to have followed her swim. She had 35 people on her crew and 5 boats. She had a jelly fish expert, divers that were in front of her to look for the dangerous box jellies and she followed an underwater white pole that was her lane rope to follow. At night, the white pole became a string of red lights.

She is 64 years old, werservered thru a lot, including throwing up, eating peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches, and shock blocks, swam thru 20mph gale force winds, wore a jellyfish mask thru one night, had a stroke rate of 50 and swam 1.5-2 miles an hour for 112 miles.

What keeps coming up for me, is to keep on it. Do what I commit myself to, all the way. Finish it, even through lull’s. Educate and prepare to the fullist and do it with intelligence and good work. Create a team. It takes a team. And then after that, put some heart into it. Some care, love, joy. Persevere.

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