September Bay Swims in Berkeley

Sunday, August 26th, 2012


swimming in between berkeley and emeryville on wednesday nigthts

The East Bay is full of swimmers enjoying sunset swims around the west side of the Berkeley pier. As we jump off the docks the excitement begins. The water conditions shift with some calm, some 1-2ft waves, some chop, and lots of slimy, sand on the floor bottom to walk on. It is adventurous every time. Two pods are forming in the swim group. It’s fun to swim with a partner next to you as well on your own(but still in very close proximity to others). We have been swimming towards emeryville and getting closer to a small beach destination which is 1.5 miles out. sweet.

We are being a part of and been experiencing more depths of how water moves our bodies and forces us to shift our swim skills based on what is happening around us. Quick, sneak in a breathe. Swallowed water. Something touched my foot. Where is the red buoy? So no matter where you are, Be solid in using your body. Solid torso. Flick of your hips to get more length. Add some of your own attitude out there.

Lots of swim events are happening now, so let’s all meet up and have fun out there sharing the warmest water of all year.
The September swimming dates are Wednesday, September 5 and 12.

We will meet at the dock at Cal Sailing Club, suit up, warm-up with active stretching together and then jump in at 6:45pm to swim for 50 minutes.
$15 per swimmer.

Let me know if you decide to join!

Also, If you would like to swim in the Sat, Oct 6, Alcatraz crossing from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park, for $100, please confirm with me and send a $50 deposit to reserve a seat. The last day for sign ups is September 12.
Pssst, Psst, what about a round trip Alcatraz? Does that entice the endurance swimmer in you? It is a possibility for the same day, for those realistically capable of swimming over 2 hours, and wanting this challenge. Price is more than $100.

Ocean play, warm water play, in North Carolina

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

support and adventure at the ocean

We made it to Figure Eight island in southern NC, outside of Wilmington. The beach had more marine life of crabs, shore birds and jumping fish than people. The water and air was warm and the surf was small and gentle. It was perfect for wave, sand bar and ocean play with a 9ft surfboard, sit on top kayak and an 8 month old Catalina.