Open Water in France

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

This past June, I went with my husband and 6 month baby to France. We swam in some great waters, like the river under an aquaduct/bridge that was build in the 1400′s, Pont du Gard.

Then we spent time in the eastern Pyrenees and found an incredible waterfall that was 4 levels of all natural hot springs. The source was at the top and as we went down the slope of the waterfall, the pools were cooler. Baby Catalina loved this!

One of our last destinations was in the south, along the Medeteranean. The closest town is Cassis. There is really good rose and white wine from here. We ate delicious mussles before hiking in a National Park west of town. The park consists of Calanques, which are steep walled inlets and coves in limestone. There are around 10 Calanques along the coastline between Cassis and to the west, Marseille. Swimming here before the jelly fish come in is pretty gorgeous. Hmmm. a future marathon swim possibility…

Alas, right now, I am most happy introducing glorious waters for Catalina to explore…

Alcatraz crossing

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

To start off the summer season and help prepare the Pixar swimmers that I teach, we swam a challenging crossing. The current slowed down for a brief 25 minutes and the slack tide was building knots. The focus of the swim was to not get pushed way off course.

I hope that is only part of the swim, but this time it dominated. There were swells, the wind picked up and Mother Nature showed us who is stronger. It is humbling as the swimmers learned how to time the waves and breathe.

The swimmers were repositioned and continued to the beach at Aquatic Park. The pool back in Emeryville sure will seem like a tropical oasis next practice as the scene changes to swimming in calm, warm water underneath 50 palm trees.

We are stronger from the experience! Good job team.