30mile swim from Golden Gate Bridge to Farallones

Monday, June 6th, 2011

My open water friend Cathy and 5 other women swam this past Sat, 16hours and 29 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Farallones. It is 30 miles and water temp ranged from 50-54 degrees. Each woman swam for 1 hour shifts and no wetsuits were allowed. Pre-dawn to post-sunset! The waves were up to 20 feet. So awesome, so crazy.


Cathy told me that she was throwing up most of the time and it was hard and not fun in the, “oh, yeah, this is great!” It was an incredible experience that motivates me to go outside our comfort zones and get a jolt of mother nature. There is nothing like the power of a team to achieve more than one may believe. So grab a buddy or two and go out there and share an experience together which creates a truely unique friendship and success.

One group of clients that I am training, is a family that is preparing to swim the Trans-Tahoe relay together. A family connection and an opportunity to achieve while still having the parent/child rivalries. I love this idea. I grew up swimming 4.4 miles across the Chesapeake Bay with my brother and dad since 13. Mom was our #1 fan, dropped us off on one side and cheered for us all coming in. My brother and I always beat my dad!! Ha, and 1 year, my brother and I finished the same time out of 500 swimmers. Incredible, we got to cross the finish line holding hands. This once a year swim is a great memory in my youth and I hope to keep parents and kids swimming together. As a matter of fact, open water swim practices start this Thursday at the Berkeley Marina at 6:30pm. Come on out! We are starting to train for June 26- a Golden Gate Bridge Crossing. And there is 1 dad and 3 kids doing it together. Go family Go!