swim in the sea

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I worked with Liv, a 7 month old baby, during the sunny part of today. This is her 7th lesson. She cried a lot. I noticed a new tooth, front and center, lower jaw. So, ok, the first big goal is to sitt on the side of the pool and jump/fall into the water, submerged and then move toan independent back float to relax and then roll over and kick yourself to the wall.

Liv can fall from the side and into the pool and independently back float. Just today, rolled over onto her stomach and had face in the water. she started kicking her legs! wow. for me, babies look like boys. I dont know why. When Liv was out of a bathing suit plus two neoprene suits, and she was warm, she tiredly smiled at me.

I had an hour 30minutes break and decided to sit in the chaise in the sun and melt. I started talking to a member who likes to exercise in bits, but doesnt have the focus to do endurance. We talked power nutrition during events. He mentioned to me that he goes to the sea. goes to the sea. goes to the sea. I really like how it sounds. How it seeps from your own mouth and I have to exhale to the sea. the sea helps me exhale. rhythmic breathing, ebb and flood.
check out this video…

2011 open water swim schedule

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Let’s get ready and plan the summer with SF Bay area open water swims.


swimmers of all ages

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

I am surrounding myself with 7month to 70 year old swimmers. I am teaching basic survival skills like submersion, floatation, relaxation and enjoyment in water. The baby screams as communication and it doesnt bother me, really. The toddler who is so in his head about fears and can not’s. The ageless swimmer who is piecing verbal descriptions to physical movement. mind-body.
motor control and muscle memory.
bilateral strength and individual parts used to create a whole movement
eek, too much to remember.

i like to connect the dots during a massage, and on a body. I hope to find the tightness and the referral spots. Yes, and I will continue a bit to soften the rest of the limb and bring it back to the orginal hot spot.

I like to connect the dots for learning swimmers. I hope to relate a swimmer to a movement for efficiency and rhythm. Rhythm is so soothing and can also be incredibly powerful.